Gold Vault

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Fort Knox is perhaps best-known for the United States Bullion Depository, or "Gold Vault", as it is affectionately called by millions around the world. The facility, with its security systems shrouded in secrecy, houses the largest portion of the United States' gold reserve.

Ironically, although it is synonymous with "Fort Knox", the depository is located adjacent to the military installation, with US Treasury Department guards and employees. The facility was designed and constructed in 1936 for the purpose of housing our gold supply; however, over the years it has served as temporary home to the original Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, original copies of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, 3 volumes of the Gutenburg Bible, and crown jewels from European nations, proving the strength and security of the fortress.

The exterior dimensions of the 2-story basement and attic facility are 105 by 121 feet. Inside the building is a two-level, concrete-and-steel vault. The vault door itself weighs in excess of 30 tons, and no one person knows the complete combinations required to unlock the vault. Sophisticated security and defense systems ensure the safety of the contents, and the fortress includes a separate emergency power plant, water system, and other necessary facilities.

Access to the depository is restricted. Only two presidents have ever visited - Franklin Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman. A Presidential order is required to gain access.

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